Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Competition Hair - Gymnastics

Gymnasts Hair... a Journey I am on completely blind!

Growing up as a dancer I am a total fish out of water having two daughters who decided to go into competitive gymnastics.  This was our first year on this journey and we have learned a lot... most importantly we have learned that we still have a lot to learn! 

Appearance if key in both gymnastics and in dance, but there are so many extra factors to consider in gymnastics when creating a hairstyle.  The styles need to match (well this is the ideal as it looks clean and represents the gym family in the best light), you need to consider each routine and make sure that the bun, braid or ponytail won't get in the way of the gymnast.  The, just to throw a little wrench in the system, this could change from level to level!  We also have to embrace that the younger levels are almost always scheduled in the morning time slots so we have to do 7-10 hairstyles on young girls, while drinking our coffee at 7 or 8 am! Somehow..... we pull it off!   

So tonight this is my newest idea.... simple enough, not a whole lot of creativity went into this, but it allows for coaches to move the height of the bun higher or lower depending on the needs of the gymnast! 

Start by sectioning the hair... Part the hair depending on how high you will need the bun.  Secure the hair that is not to be in the braid so it doesn't get in the way.  Then begin the REVERSE FRENCH BRAID at one ear and you will continue towards the other. 

IMPORTANT!  This french braid ONLY takes hair from one side, the front of the head... the side which will be closer to the bun (at the completion of the hairdo does not have hair pulled into the braid) this allows the braid to stay off centered and closer to the bun area) 

The reason for the REVERSE french braid is that #1 it stands out well #2 holds fly-aways better and #3 when a child sleeps in it it withstands it better for the next morning so for those 7 am competitions, these braids will be your friend!!

When you reach the other ear simply secure it with a rubber band that closely matches the child's hair  (do not continue braiding all the way to the end of the hair... stop at the ear.  

Now pull the rest of the hair into a ponytail.  The height of the ponytail will depend where you need the bun for the needs of the gymnast or your personal style if this is not for a meet.  Secure it with a light rubber band.  

Now I like to make my buns with braids or twist braids... This time I used  the remaining of the french braid and did a quick twist braid.  I did the same with the ponytail I had created and joined them together to pull them into a bun.  

Of course, being Gymnastics, the bun was secured with a scrunchie... if it was for any other occasion I would have to have gone with one of my bows :-) 

And there you have it... Your award winning, quick and easy hair for a 7 am rush... the only thing you will need after this is 


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